SMDRK Database

A few days ago, the Council of Ministers approved by decision the creation of the state database: “Electronic system of management of denunciations for corrupt records” (SEMDRK).
This system is a state database through which it is collected, stored, managed and reported electronically, in relation to corruption cases by the responsible structure and coordinators of the Anti-Corruption Network.

The SEMDRK contains data such as:
 Reported cases;
 Data tracking and information processing for reported cases;
 Data on statistics;
 Unification and electronic storage of data for reported cases.

The authority responsible for the administration of this system is the Ministry of Justice, respectively the Structure responsible for anti-corruption, which guarantees and manages data processing based on the legislation in force for the protection of personal data as well as the principle of confidentiality. Meanwhile, ANA will be the responsible regulatory authority of state data for creating technical conditions that help the interaction of SMDRK with other state databases.

Based on the level of access, the interested entities such as SPAK, the Prosecutor’s Office and any other entity expressly defined by VKM, will exchange personal data in accordance with the purpose of their collection by undertaking technical and organizational measures for the protection of personal data from any form of illegal processing as well as access or dissemination by unauthorized persons.

Moreover, about this VKM below you can find the relevant link: