Residence permit in biometric format

By Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 450 dated 29.06.2022, the form and content of residence permits for every foreign citizen who has entered and stays regularly in the territory of the Republic of Albania has been approved.

Within this decision, it was decided regarding:

  • Approval of the form and content of residence permits for foreigners, according to annexes 1 and 2, which are attached to this decision and are an integral part of it.
  • For foreigners, for whom a standard format of approval for residence in the territory of the Republic of Albania is provided by governmental agreement, the format provided for in the governmental agreement is applied.
  • Decision no. 441, dated 15.6.2016, of the Council of Ministers, “On the approval of the form and content of the residence permit for foreigners”, is repealed.
  • On the date of accession of the Republic of Albania to the European Union, point 1 of this decision, and annexes 1 and 2, attached to the decision as an integral part of it, are repealed.

The annexes attached to this decision guide the security elements of residence permits in Albania, informing us about the technicalities on the basis of which the format of the biometric card for residence permits in Albania, of foreign citizens who are equipped with it, was created. The receving of a residence permit is initially carried out with the application through the e-albania platform by uploading the necessary documentation listed in the service provided by this portal. After the documents uploaded during the application are confirmed, the Directorate of Border and Migration notifies the foreign citizen through the e-mail address, about the delivery through the postal service of:

  • Original documentation;
  • 3 photographs;
  • Application form printed and signed;
  • Service fee payment mandate.

With VKM No. 450/2022, now every foreign citizen in the territory of the Republic of Albania, after fulfilling the criteria to be provided with a residence permit, the latter will be issued in the format of a biometric card, in the event that it is definitive, i.e. with a term of 1 year, 2 years or more, depending on the conditions that are met for the foreigner. On the other hand, the provisional permit, which is issued in time before the definitive permit, will remain in the former format, which is the A4 format.