Electricity Use Efficiency – Regulatory Instrument in Action

On the eve of winter, due to the energy crisis that has gripped the whole world including our country, the Council of Ministers has proposed a normative act for “Taking special measures during the duration of the state of emergency in the electricity supply”. This act aims to promote and improve energy efficiency in the country, through the implementation of various financial mechanisms and the promotion of investments in this field.

The geographical position and climatic conditions that characterize our country create the potential for the use of renewable resources. The purpose of this normative act is also to strengthen the implementation of mandatory measures and rules to be implemented in order to reduce the consumption of electricity for public non-family customers and private customers during the duration of the state of emergency in supply. Through financial support, it is intended to achieve:

  •  Increase in energy production from renewable sources;
  • Increasing the diversification of the use of energy resources and the security of energy supply in the Republic of Albania;
  • Reduction of electricity needs by about 3 million kWh/year;
  • Reduction of emissions by about 1,000 tons of C02;
  •  Improving the quality of hot sanitary water supply.

The highly efficient use of energy resources, in function of the development of a sustainable electrical energy system, is one of the priorities of the government’s program, to meet the growing demand for electricity within the country.

Evaluating the energy situation in the country and taking measures to reduce electricity consumption, according to this act, it is thought that it will affect the sustainability of electricity supply during the winter period, where energy consumption is higher.

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