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We provide general company and compliance advice to our corporate clients on the legal issues which most regularly impact their businesses. Our team addresses all elements of company law as well as, analyzing corporate policies, codes of conduct, and assistance with shareholder engagement. We advise on domestic and international corporate issues including corporate law, sector-specific regulations, liability and risks for board directors and senior executives.

 We offer lawyers familiar with all aspects of corporate law and regulation affecting public and private companies, private equity providers, management teams and their respective advisers, from corporate governance and compliance issues.

Corporate disputes and corporate governance

We know that corporations today want advisors who understand their business and their needs, so we take the time to do just that. Our experience enables us to find practical and tailored solutions to the problems of international corporate clients as well as smaller enterprises across all industry sectors.

  • Data protection (compliance with data privacy laws and GDPR)

Our team advises the Clients on all aspects of compliance with data protection law. With significant experience in drafting, reviewing and monitoring legislation in respect to information management, information technology and data protection, we are able to support clients with whistle-blowing; employee telephone, internet and email use; customer data; cross-border data transfers; and data protection consents. We also advise clients on the implications of freedom of information legislation, how to mitigate risks and the potential to use the information for competitive advantage.

 We advise our clients on data privacy and confidentiality, especially in relation to the GDPR compliance program. 

The GDPR was preserved and build on the principles of the current EU regime, which was designed for a pre-digital age. The new law places protection of the privacy rights of the individual at its center and, in the process, runs contrary to many business models that assume that data can flow freely, and without restriction in its use. Adjustment to the new regime will require radical changes in approach for most businesses. Make no mistake, if companies do not prepare, they will be exposed to an unprecedented regulatory risk.

We offer a wide range of compliance programs and solutions including comprehensive review of the data privacy systems and processes in place across a global business network, and its compliance with the new regulation, business’ strategy for justification of its processing of personal data is key to compliance, particularly with regard to consent, outsourcing management, identification of key existing contracts which involve material outsourced processing of personal data, and renegotiation of terms to ensure compliance. 

  • Ehs regulatory

We advise businesses across a variety of sectors on regulatory, permitting and compliance related issues. Environmental issues are usually a key consideration for businesses and their decision making process given the need to minimize the environmental legacy and eliminate long term risks. We advise on health and safety issues in transactions and on a stand-alone basis.