For a long time in Albania, there has been a lot of discussion about the legalization of the cultivation and processing of the cannabis plant and its by-products, for medical and industrial purposes. Through the public consultation process, many citizens have taken a stand in favor of this legal initiative which has been reflected as a draft waiting to be filed as a draft law and then approved by the Parliament of Albania.

The purpose of this draft law is:

Defining the rules for cultivation;
Controlled production and circulation of the cannabis plant and by-products;
For medical and industrial use;
The supervision of entities licensed by the National Agency for Control and Monitoring of the Cultivation and Processing of the Cannabis Plant for medical and industrial purposes and the Production of its Byproducts.

Its purpose consists in:

Regulating and guaranteeing the process of control, monitoring of cultivation, processing of the cannabis plant and the production of its by-products, intended for medical and industrial purposes;
Their export according to the conditions and rules of this law and in implementation of the classification of by-products of the cannabis plant, in accordance with the International Conventions on psychotropic substances and illegal drugs.
Each subject that is provided with a license for cultivation exercises the activity as a legal person/individual or as a farmer, for a period of 15 years with the right of renewal.

If we refer to the Republic of Italy, the Parliamentary Commission of Justice has expressed itself in favor of the legalization of cannabis for personal use, of no more than four female cannabis plants cultivated in the private residence. In addition, an autonomous rule regarding the production and sale of narcotics in small doses is foreseen.

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